Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Take one look back at the past.... and we're out! 

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So. Tuesday. Blech...

Mom's not moving out here. just like always.. she says ok to whatever and then changes her mind again. lol. it doesn't matter. i just want to go home. mike got pissed too that mom was coming out here, but he got over it when i told him she wasn't anymore.

lol.. i can't remember what i was going to write now. hmm..

so. i read the next to last book in the left behind series. i really can't wait for it to be over. at the end of this book, titled Armeggedon, they are waiting for Jesus to appear. a couple of the old character die, which would be fitting, although it will be interesting to see how the authors depict Jesus' return in Glorius Appearing.

i also finished Boy's Life, by Robert McCammon. Very interesting book. well, written.

there are a couple more that i finished, but they weren't all that great. right now i'm on the final book in the Sun Sword series: The Sun Sword. i'm a little disappointed. i thought the book would have more about Jewel and Avandar, but i guess this book is going to focus on Valedan and Kiriel. *shrug* i'm still plowing through it though. it's taking me considerable more time to get through than most fluff that i read, which is one reason why i enjoy this series. it's rich in description, and the cultures Michelle West has created are so vibrant and lifelike. :) just wish there would be more about the whole Jewel/Avandar thing.

we went to the beach for mother's day. it was nice, but mike was bitchy and yelled at me for no reason. i wanted to rip his head off, but i just walked away and played with the kids in the water. then tara and i went to the movies. we were going to watch van helsing, but decided to see mean girls. which was ok. it's more of a teenie bopper moral of the story film, but it had it's funny parts too.. and i like lindsay lohan too ;)

i've had headaches for the past three days. don't know why, probably stress. i hate being stressed out. but then, i don't many who do.

sigh.. i miss Adrian. =/ i feel like i'm floundering, flopping around on the pavement. lol.. what a picture. anyway.. sigh..

mom and i were just talking about tara. about how selfish she is. i see it more and more everyday. honestly, i don't like watching the kids, but things are so much nicer when she's not here. i don't have to worry about her treating brandon like crap, like he instigates everything, and her kids are perfect. last night i was in a chat room, and mike and tara were sitting on the couch, and dani came down with something all in her hair. come to find out that she get into taylor's hair gel (yeah, i know.. hair gel at 6.. jeez). i felt like it was my fault cause i was on the computer but then i thought, both her god damned parents are on the couch, why is it my fault? sigh.. i hate it here. i feel like i am constanly on display, with people picking apart everything i do all day long.

aren't i cheery today? :D

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