Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Sigh. I want to go home. I had so much trouble falling asleep last night, because I was thinking of everything.

Mike was complaining to tara that we don't do enough structured things with that kids and that they play games and watch tv too much. WHAT?!? This from the guy that comes to our house and sleeps on the couch until the kids go to bed and then he leaves. Yeah, whatever. he's really such a great parent. but like i told tara, it's easy to parent from the outside. just like all the single childless people who try to tell you how to raise your kids. i'm so done with him. but then again he might have just been trying to lash out at tara for telling him that it makes us uncomfortable when he just sleeps when he comes here instead of visiting with the kids like he's supposed to be. whatever.

haven't talked to Adrian in a couple of weeks. I miss him. I'm sure it's just something like no ISP or computer problems, but still. I feel abandoned. : / it sucks!

oh well. i have to go do something with Danielle before her nap. tara and i bought all kinds of supplies so I can do stuff with her now. she doesn't like to do work though, so that's a bummer. lol. oh well. i'll just keep trying stuff.

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