Saturday, May 22, 2004

It's an ice cream social! 

So, Brandon tells me on friday that he doesn't want a normal birthday party, he wants an ice cream party. which is fine with me. all i have to do is buy some ice cream and toppings, and bannanas. it's still going to come out cheaper than buying a cake and ice cream too, so that's fine with me. mom got him a sno cone maker for his birthday, but i have no idea what don's sending him. we're doing his party on friday, and i still havent gotten the box. i wonder now if he sent it to the wrong house.. hmm... i better call him tomorrow.

tara has duty tomorrow, which kinda sucks since i was planning on getting to sleep in again, and next weekend she has duty on saturday, which means i have to get up then too, AND take the kids to their classes. i'm so tired of those damn classes.. sigh.. taylor doesn't even want to go most saturdays.

not much else is going on really. just normal stuff. mike got mad at me today because i left the boys at the park across the street the other day to take dani home to use the bathroom. i told tara that he can kiss my ass. it was for 5 minutes, there was another parent there, and i didn't feel like hearing them bitch that they had to come home for dani. whatever. i sooooo can't wait for him to be gone.

tara and i rented movies last night to watch with christy. she went home after the first one though.. we invited one of tara's 'friends' over too, and he stayed until 1. we watched Legally Blonde 2, Timeline, and Scarey Movie 3. they were ok. today i watched The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (the prequel to Rose Red), and 28 Days Later. The Rose Red prequel was good, but i think you have to enjoy that kind of movie. 28 Days was really good, if you like zombie movies.. which i don't, but it was still good.

i'm still reading the Sun Sword. like i said earlier, it's a hard book to get through, but it's still good. i'm actually not looking forward to the end. i'll have to reread the other 5 books again, but they're boxed up somewhere. lol. speaking of.. mom said the hot water heater went out and flooded the garage.. i sure hope none of my books were ruined.. =/

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