Saturday, May 08, 2004

And Certainly No Love Below! 

lol. ok. this household is defintely an MTV house. we watch all the crap.. real world, wildboys, viva la bam... music videos when no show is on. anyway.. that title is from the new outkast video, Roses. you can check it out here :Launchcast . scroll down a little bit. anyway. it's hilarious.

so. tara didn't get home until 6 this morning. sheesh. so i ended up watching the kids again this morning. sigh. talked to mom on the phone, and she was crying. she we're moving her out here too. she's going to sell the house, have her stuff shipped here and be here within two months. and kim called me this morning. her brother wants to buy my car! so that's one more thing done. sigh.

i've been pigging out so much lately. so yesterday i said no more snacking, and no more soda. i feel a little better too. so now with the walking every day (except saturday and sunday), and now that i'm eating a little better, i should be able to drop the weight that i want with no problems. it's stupid though. just cause people see you as fat, you're not good enough to waste some time on. i hate that. not that i'm looking or anything, but still. they don't know that.

anyway. alright. i'm going to read.. or write in my paper journal. i haven't written in that for like.. over a month! sigh..

oh. my next entry i'll tell all about the ten books i've read in the last two weeks! lol. ok.. more like 4 but still...

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