Wednesday, April 14, 2004

You know. I've never had to cook for picky people before. it's kind of frustrating.

see, my job here at the house, is the cooking and cleaning and child caregiving. as tara put it last night, in a joking way, i'm her wife. which kind of irked me, until i really took a look at what i do around the house. lol. it doesn't bother me. i love to have a spotless kitchen, and cook, and the kid taking-care-of part is basically easy.

but things like this aggravate me. i probably shouldn't be upset with taylor. his father is a picky eater and doesn't eat all that much variety, but when i cook, i expect people to eat it. i mean, in my house, either you eat it, or you get something yourself. and brandon knows better than tell me he's not eating something and making a face. poor kid almost pukes when i make him eat thinga he doesn't like, but at least he tries them without all the faces, and whining, and crying about it.

so last night i made steaks with black beans and rice. the black beans and rice was actually very tasty. cumin, garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and chicken stock to cook the rice, and then add in black beans and corn once it's done. yummy. so i put it on the table and the first thing i hear is "what's that!?!" along with his annoying wrinkled up nose and tongue sticking out. so exasperatedly, i say "taylor? have you ever *had* black beans before? No? then how do you know you don't like them?" he just shrugged his shoulders with a look that said, it doesn't matter, even if you make me try it, i'll say i hate it, and my parents won't make me eat it. btw, mikes been over for dinner every night, and he's coming again tonight. which isn't a big deal. i made him take me grocery shopping at the commisary last night, and he bought all the groceries.

so he tried it, stuck his tongue out, and whined to his parents. everyone else loved the rice and beans, but not him. i am bound and determined to get him to try everything and find something he likes. lol.

tara is giving soraya her two weeks notcie. soraya is danielle's daycare provider. i told tara that since soraya doesn't teach dani anyway (soraya watched mostly babies, so dani's just playing all day), that she could leave her here with me until she could get her into the hale keiki preschool. i bought some preschool books and some papers and stuff to teach her during the day, and tara's going to pay me $100/week for that. which is only $20 less than what she was paying soraya. so yay! i don't have to do the online thing. that makes me happy. :)

i actually enjoy walking taylor, and hopefully next week brandon, to school. everyone here seems so nice. we pass tons of people on the way there and back, and everyone smiles, says goodmorning... it's just so pleasant. taylor's teacher is very nice too. i only hope that brandon's teacher is just as nice. i called his old school yesterday to see why they hadn't faxed over brandon's records, and ms. stolte said that everytime she tried, she would get the first page to go through, but then it would stop. so she shoved them into an envelope and sent them in the mail. Carolyn at PHKai said that kindergarten wasn't mandatory (huh? it's not?) so it didn't matter how long brandon was out. they'd look at his report card when it got here, and see if he could continue since they are at the end of their school year too. school ends in june, then starts again in july. which is nice. lol.

so, things are much happier here now. not much to complain about. just normal everyday stuff.

tara's supposed to be taking me to a luau on sunday for my birthday. she goes out to sea on monday, and doesn't come back until friday night, so i have the kids all week by myself. well, at least mike will be over all the time. shouldn't be so bad.

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